aka: LBD (little black dog), Dante, FB (Fuzzy Butt)

Neutered Pomeranian x Poodle

August 15, 2002


Merlin is quite the dog!!!  He is so smart and lively. He enjoys torturing his "sisters' especially Boo! We think he believes Boo is his Mommy. Merlin will lay on his back under her chin and 'talk' to her. He also cleans her ears for her. Merlin learned to dupe the humans at an early age and brings his food bowl to you when he's hungry. He is absolutely fascinated by Beaker and licks the birds feet when he can, much to Beak's chagrin. Merly will patrol his yard going outside and running along the fence line to see what's up in his world. Merlin also loves humans so much. He brings his chewies to the humans for them to hold for him while he chews or he will bring it to our faces so we can 'share' with him. He is a little doll. He does get car sick sometimes so we have to watch him.

Like most poodles water doesn't faze him one bit. He actually jumps into the bathtub and takes the sticky shower flowers off and brings them to the humans. He has his HT which is his soother when he's insecure. He loved the snowfall this year, jumping and playing in it, chasing the snow thrown at him. At around 11pm Merlin becomes fully awake and enters what we call his DANTE state. He will just be digging at the girls who are already snuggled under the covers; run up the humans side while they are sleeping and drop toys/chewies in their faces.

Now adays

His Puppy state

Merlin wants to go 4x4'ing