Chihuahua x Pomeranian                     Born July 15, 1993

White w/ Black spots - Spayed Female

Saavik was named for a female pointy-eared character (Vulcan) off Star Trek.  Saavi is 7.5 lbs and is trained to use a litter box as well as use the outside facilities.  Saavi-dav's favorite things are:  Cheese;  Pig's Ears; Play fights and Ear slurps (kisses).  Saavik acts somewhat cat-like in a lot of ways.  She gently paws at you and her ears move independant of each other.  Saavi sleeps under the covers of the bed or will gladly curl up on your pillow in a "doggie doughnut". 

Saavik's health is quite good. She chews a lot of pig's ears, chew toys and pull/floss bones and has excellent teeth, for a Chihuahua.  Most little dogs tend to get extremely pampered and therefore fed lots of junky human food that hurts their teeth.  Saavik is not allowed human food unless a piece drops on the floor by accident.  Saavik had a teat tumor during her second heat and was spayed at that time because of the possibility of more tumors developingv thru subsequent heats.  She has not had a re-occurence to date and the earlier tumor was deemed benign.  Saavi had a run in with a naughty Dalmation who almost ripped her poor little head off.  She is a little skittish of bigger dogs now because of this.

Saavi has a gentle personality and loves all people - especially men. She is not timid and often thinks people were put on this earth just to say hello to her.  She has a lot of Pomeranian personality in her:  prancey, curly tailed, happy go lucky charm.  Saavik loves being outdoors and especially loves sunbathing.

Saavik is still deathly afraid of noises from the abuse of my ex-husband and his temper tantrums and this almost cost her, her life last summer when she got lost in the woods due to a thunder storm and its boom's.

January 2005

Saavik has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. =(  She's not doing too well and has been now bumped up to the highest doses of medication she can take. This all just came out of the blue from her having a cough one night. Now the fluid surrounding her heart and lungs is quite extensive on the x-rays and she can't get thru 30 mins without coughing, gurgling, and hacking. Our poor little darling is on her way out.