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Our names are Lorilei and Bradley and we currently live in the suburbs of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.   Lorilei grew up just south of Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island, but moved to the mainland to find that four letter word -  WORK !!  She was adopted into a British (Bowman) & Yugoslav (Plecas) family at 10 days old, some many years ago now, and has since managed to find her birth family on her mother's side and possibly on her father's side, however her father still denies her existence! 

Bradley grew up in South Vancouver with one older brother. Bradley's family (Thompson) is originally from the Cedarvale area of Northern BC and still has deep roots there. Bradley's mother, Vera, came from Manitoba and died of bowel cancer when Bradley was very young leaving him and his father to fend for themselves. Lorilei's family is very large and Bradley has had some real fun trying to understand big family dynamics, coming from such a very small family with only him, his brother & his family, and his father. Bradley's father worked most of his years on the railways and still has fond memories of his days riding the rails. Before the railway Bill worked with George maintaining the tramways for the old Red Rose Mine.

We are on a continuing journey. Our lifelong companionship was made official in 2002, after being together since 1999. We both have been in previous marriages with extremely disturbed people, who still obsessively watch us, and therefore are entering into this new partnership with eyes wide open. We have had the good fortune to travel to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming the last 2 years in a row with a motorhome, and have had fantastic times in conjuction with each travel season. In September/October of 2007 we took our first journey down into Idaho & western Montana and Wyoming. We we fortunate to have good weather to travel the Beartooth Hwy, a highway that travels over 11,000 ft! the day before it was closed for the season due to snow! This year in June of 2008, we wanted to revisit Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, but we also did some more exploration of southern Idaho and Craters of the Moon National Monument, and Spencer Opal Mines where we dug our own opal !! We revisited Nevada & Virginia City Ghost Towns and retraced our travels over the Beartooth Hwy once again into Yellowstone. We found places in Yellowstone that we didn't get to explore last time, and we went into the Grand Tetons as well. It was a great adventure! We're going to try to make these holidays a yearly occurrence if we can afford it.  =)

We have our daily trials and triumphs, as do all people. We are struggling to get thru a stupid government system of classifying disability. Apparently our BC provincial government says you can't be disabled unless you are financially eligible for welfare and that includes your whole family income. So Lorilei has jumped thru the hoops to get CPP disability, which doesn't include any medical costs in the small amount of funds to live on per month. Fibromyalgia and its related issues are becoming recognized as disabling conditions after some long hard fights. Ulcerative Colitis (Inflammatory Bowel Disease - not irritable bowel syndrome) with a subtotal colectomy and J pouch procedure (along with resulting short bowel syndrome), acute depression, lichen sclerosis and a few other conditions also complicate the mix for Lorilei.

We enjoy meeting and talking with people from all over the world - we use Trillian pro to monitor all the chat programs we use. Email us for our 'handles'.  In our time off, we also enjoy working with animals, going on 4x4 camping trips, swimming, radio control hobbies, Ham radio's, badminton, reading, gardening, playing and listening to music, going to the theatre (and we mean not JUST movies), collecting Star Trek books and being a general computer nerd and nerdette.  We have a mini "zoo" consisting of 2 small dog's, a Moluccan Cockatoo and a 37 gallon tropical fish tank.

Our outdoor activities include 4x4'ing, ghost town hunting, metal detecting, amateur astronomy, digital photography & prospecting for gemstones, relics and precious metals (and yes we've found flakes of gold and garnets by the dozens in local rivers). We have our Free Miners Certification and though we've had to undergo a few hurdles, we also have our Firearms certification including restricted and non-restricted firearms, for hand carry protection in the wilderness. Bear bangers are good for scaring away those animals that will heed such warnings, but its that 1% that come after you while you're panning down in a creek that you have to worry about - and cougars are notorious for stalking people! We are members of the Port Coquitlam & District Hunting and Fishing Club and recommend their facilities to anyone wanting a full service range with great staff.

Please take some time and visit some of our listed links. We hope to see you again and . . . . . 

Thanks for stopping by !!!!


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